Transfer Impaction Results by Major - Fall 2015

All majors at SJSU are impacted for transfers, meaning that all applicants compete for space in the major, based on the applicant's cumulative GPA for all transferable courses completed at the time of application.

For Fall 2015, SJSU ranked all transfer applicants by major based on self-reported grade point average (GPA) and offered admission to sufficient numbers of students to meet the individual major's capacity.

For those who did not meet the individual major's GPA threshold, but who met the CSU eligibility criteria, SJSU offered admission to the "Undeclared" major in sufficient numbers to meet the University capacity. Preference was given to all local applicants who earned the majority of their transferable units at the time of application from a Santa Clara county or Santa Cruz county college.

For CSU eligible applicants who did not meet the impaction thresholds below, the applicant's Fall 2015 application was withdrawn as unaccommodated. Applicants in this category met minimum CSU eligibility requirements but did not meet the individual major's GPA threshold.

MajorAdmit to major GPA threshold
Aerospace Engineering2.70
African-American Studies2.00
Animation and Illustration3.70
Applied Math - Applied & Computational2.70
Applied Math - Economics & Actuarial3.10
Applied Math - Statistics2.60
Art - Art History2.00
Art - Digital Media Art2.00
Art - Photography2.00
Art - Pictorial Arts2.00
Art - Spatial Arts2.00
Art - Studio (Prep for Teaching, SS)2.00
Art - Studio Practice2.00
Behavioral Science2.30
Biological Sciences3.10
Biological Sciences - Cons. & Organismal Biology3.00
Biological Sciences - Marine Biology3.00
Biological Sciences - Microbiology3.10
Biological Sciences - Molecular Biology3.20
Biological Sciences - Systems Physiology3.20
Biological Sciences (Prep for Teaching, SS)2.90
Biomedical Engineering2.40
Business Admin. - Accounting3.40
Business Admin. - Accounting Info Syst2.60
Business Admin. - Corporate Accounting Finance2.70
Business Admin. - Entrepreneurship2.50
Business Admin. - Finance2.70
Business Admin. - General3.15
Business Admin. - Human Resource Mgmt2.65
Business Admin. - International Business2.40
Business Admin. - Management2.55
Business Admin. - Management Info Systems2.90
Business Admin. - Marketing2.75
Chemical Engineering2.00
Chemistry - Biochemistry3.10
Chemistry, B.A.2.40
Chemistry, B.S3.00
Child & Adolescent Dev. (Prep for Teaching, MS)2.00
Child & Adolescent Development2.00
Civil Engineering2.60
Communication Studies2.80
Communicative Disorders & Sciences2.40
Computer Engineering2.70
Computer Science3.45
Creative Arts2.00
Creative Arts (Prep for Teaching, MS)2.00
Design Studies2.40
Earth Science2.00
Economics, B.A.2.30
Economics, B.S.2.50
Electrical Engineering2.90
English - Career Writing2.00
English - Creative Writing2.00
English (Prep for Teaching, SS)2.00
Environmental Studies, B.A.3.00
Environmental Studies, B.S.2.80
Environmental Studies - Energy2.30
Environmental Studies - Environmental Impact2.30
Environmental Studies - Environmental Restoration2.80
Environmental Studies (Prep for Teaching, MS)2.30
Forensic Science - Biology3.00
Forensic Science - Chemistry3.00
Global Studies2.50
Graphic Design2.40
Health Science3.25
Health Science - Health Services3.20
Hospitality, Tourism & Event Mgmt3.00
Humanities - American Studies2.00
Humanities - Asian Studies2.00
Humanities - European Studies2.00
Humanities - Liberal Arts2.00
Humanities - Middle East Studies2.00
Humanities - Religious Studies2.00
Industrial & Systems Engineering2.00
Industrial Design2.70
Industrial Tech - Comp. Electronics & Network Tech.2.00
Industrial Tech - Manufacturing Systems2.00
Interior Design2.40
Jazz Studies2.00
Justice Studies2.90
Kinesiology - Athletic Training2.80
Kinesiology (Prep for Teaching, SS)2.60
Liberal Stud (Prep for Teaching, MS)2.40
Liberal Studies, Cross Cultural Studies in Mex. & Amer. Ed.2.40
Materials Engineering2.00
Mathematics (Prep for Teaching, SS)3.10
Mechanical Engineering3.00
Meteorology - Climate Science2.00
Music - Composition2.00
Music - Performance2.00
Music Education2.00
Music, B.A.2.00
Natural Science2.00
Nutritional Science3.30
Nutritional Science - Dietetics3.20
Nutritional Science - Packaging3.00
Organizational Studies2.30
Physics, B.A.2.00
Physics, B.S.2.00
Physics (Prep for Teaching, SS)2.00
Political Science2.60
Psychology, B.A.2.75
Psychology, B.S.2.75
Public Relations2.60
Recreation - Recreation Management2.70
Recreation - Therapeutic Recreation2.90
Social Science (Prep for Teaching, MS)2.30
Social Science (Prep for Teaching, SS)2.30
Social Work3.00
Sociology - Race & Ethnic Studies2.60
Sociology - Social Interaction2.40
Sociology - Women,Gender,Sexuality2.50
Software Engineering3.00
Spanish (Prep for Teaching, SS)2.00
Speech-Communications (Prep for Teaching, SS)2.40
Television, Radio, Film2.40
Theatre Art (Prep for Teaching, SS)2.00
Theatre Arts2.00
Undeclared (Assigned) - Local3.10
Undeclared (Assigned) - Non Local3.60
Undeclared - Pre-Nursing3.45